Pricing & Features

Lite Pro ProXL
$ 0 /mo
  $ 0 /mo
$ 89 /mo*
$ 269 /mo*
*$0 first 2 months *$0 first 2 months
Core Features
Upcoming sessions How many sessions you can offer at the same time. 2 10 50 100
Upcoming free sessions Offer free sessions, or manage payment on your own. 2 2 50 100
Per-session player cap The maximum number of players you can host for a single session. Contact us for larger session pricing. 12 36 100 1000
Player Payments
Accept credit card payments from your members Players pay by credit card when signing up for a session. Stripe credit card processing fees: 2.925% + $0.30 per transaction
TeamArrange transaction fee 5%
min $2
min $1
min $1
Issue refunds to original payment source
Issue refunds as credit for a future purchase Avoid repaying credit card fees and encourage a future purchase in your organization. Players will get a refund that they can spend on a future offering of yours.
Session Logistics
Player self-removals You can decide to allow players to remove themselves from a session if they can't make it. You pick if they are eligible for a refund.
Notifications Players can sign up to be notified if a spot opens up.
Easy session cancellations Rain out? Easily cancel the session and refund everyone in one step.
Gate by rating Allow sign ups only to players who have a minimum rating you specify.
Preferred positions Players can let you know the position they'd like to play on the court to help you place them.
Team builder Assign players to teams while seeing insights to help you. Suggestions help you start.
Open play schedules Players get a notification and can view their court schedule on their phones or on a tablet at the gym.
Organization Management
Admin accounts Can manage all aspects of your organization including creating and managing sessions, handling refunds, and more. 1 3 6
Manager accounts Can manage most aspects of your organization including creating and managing sessions, and more. 1 10 20
Player profiles Players can upload a profile to help others recognize them.
Player directory Build a community with a directory of your players.
Contact your members directly
Paid membership tier Allow your members to buy an annual membership, giving them discounts and other perks you offer.
Store player ratings Keep track of your players' ratings to help you build better teams.
Weekly newsletter to your members We'll help you get the word out to your members about what your organization is doing. You can add your own updates if you like.
Anonymous member surveys Gain insights into the members of your organization while respecting their privacy
New player questionnaire Get a sense of your players before you meet them to help guide them to the right teams
Round robin schedules
Single elimination schedules Coming soon! Coming soon!
Double elimination schedules Coming soon! Coming soon!
Score tracking
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