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Everything you need to organize fun pickup games, tournaments and clinics.

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Accept credit card payments
Smart teams
The right teams no matter who plays
Maintain a membership base
Easily schedule ad-hoc games
Game schedules
Players get a personalized court schedule
Player ratings
Assign players a rating
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Woman setting a volleyball on the beach
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All the right tools to run your amateur volleyball club

TeamArrange takes the pain out of hosting volleyball events when the "team" isn't consistent. Games will be competitive and organized.

  • Painless player signups
  • Track player ratings – have happier teams
  • Payment automatically handled
  • Fits groups of any budget

Host organized tournaments, with personalized schedules and a leaderboard.

Host clinics to help your members grow.

Keep in touch with your members.

Restrict offerings by player level to ensure the correct level of competitiveness.

Leverage electronic liability waivers.

Empower your members to help run events.

How does it work?

You create a session

What kind of offering do you want to host? How many people will you admit? Want to limit it only to higher-level players? How much do you want to charge? Let us know a few details, and we'll take care of the rest.

Players sign themselves up

Your members see a menu of all of your current offerings, and can easily sign up. You can even allow them to pay with a credit card, and we'll send your money over to your bank account.

We create teams

After you have enough signups, it's time to make teams. Our system ties each player's rating into the experience, so you can be sure that every team is roughly even. We even know what position players prefer to play, so we can spread players out.

Teams and schedules are shared

Once you're happy with the teams you've made, we'll let everyone know who is on their team for that session, and we'll even give them each a personalized court schedule.